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celiablue's Journal

the nuns are feeding me glass
18 September 1977
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I'm not really anybody.

1920's, abfab, anti-tom cruise, aqua teen hunger force, arrested development, art, art deco, art nouveau, bad haikus, bad skin, bare feet, being an introvert, belarus, bill murray, black adder, black and white photos, bloc party, blue, blythe, blythe dolls, bonnie tyler, boston terriers, bottle rocket, breathing, britcoms, british accents, bubbles, buster, buster keaton, cats that bite, charlotte bronte, chess, chipped nail polish, complaining, computers, conan o'brien, cyndi lauper, david bowie, days of our lives, documentaries, dolls, don mckellar, dorothy parker, dostoevsky, estonia, existentialism, farscape, fierce grape gatorade, flappers, flinstone vitamins, footballers wives, franklin, garbage, garden state, gary oldman, geeks, grape poptarts, graphics, green walls, haiku lovemaking, hexidecimals, iron chef, jeff, jem and the holograms, jennifer jason leigh, kids in the hall, labryinth, latvia, lithuania, living dead dolls, lola, louise brooks, mantles, margot tenenbaum, mark ryden, me without you, modest mouse, monchichi, mr. humphries, mrs. slocombe, muffin loaves, mumbling, naps, nice people, not making sense, ocd, odwalla, owen wilson, painting, painting bad, pavement, photography, poetry, pulp, punk, pure, radiohead, rain, remembering everything, robotech, rushmore, saying stupid things, shirley manson, sid and nancy, silent films, singing in my car, stealing gnomes, stealing silverware, stuff, surrealism, t-rex, talking heads, talking to strangers, talking too quiet, tears for fears, the beatles, the cure, the learning channel, the life aquatic, the office, the pixies, the pogues, the rapture, the romantic eggs, the royal tenenbaums, the sex pistols, the shins, the swirlies, the virgin suicides, the white stripes, the wilson brothers, the young ones, theda bara, throwing muses, trailer park boys, trash talkin about chess, twitch city, useless information, velvet underground, webdesign, ween, wishing for something better, writing, writing bad poetry, yeah yeah yeahs, you